Saturation: committees and humidity – June 13th

Sometimes my internship seems to be a much bigger project than I’d anticipated, expanding even beyond the wide parameters I set for it. Now that I’ve completed the survey of Listed Buildings, I’ve… Continue reading

Second-class heritage – June 8th

“Government doesn’t care about Bermudians. All they care about is tourists. We’re treated like second-class citizens.” A local friend and collaborator expressed this frustration over lunch this past week. She’s been a vital… Continue reading

First days and surveys – June 4

Sunday and Monday I had my first on-island meetings with my internship supervisor, Richard. We discussed our long-term goals for the St. George’s revitalization project, and set a tentative timeline for the next… Continue reading

Problematical pasts…and present – June 1st

Several weeks of sleep deprivation and back-to-back travel finally caught up with me: I’m still battling a crippling cold I caught earlier this week, which resulted in a three-day recovery period at home… Continue reading

Into the grey – May 27th

Into the grey literature, that is.  Meaning reports, legal documents, and government publications. I spent the better part of today (and brief periods this past weekend) delving into the nitty-gritty bureaucratic documents that… Continue reading

Bermuda Day 2013 – May 24th

Bermudians celebrate their heritage and history in myriad ways throughout the year, but 24th May is a particularly jovial occasion. “Bermuda Day” is a national holiday to celebrate being Bermudian, and is publicly… Continue reading

Where the wild spaces are – May 23rd

Our Wednesday meeting with the members of the Bermuda National Trust’s (hereafter BNT) education committee alerted us to the recent opening of a new nature reserve on the island, and we spent the… Continue reading

Hit the ground running – May 22nd

Wednesday was my first full day on the island this summer, and Brent and I made the most of it. We kicked the day (and the summer) off with a run through Spittal… Continue reading

A series of fortunate events – May 21st

It’s hard to believe a whole five days have passed since I arrived on the island. We (my housemate/colleague Dr. Brent Fortenberry and I) had a rather unusually eventful journey to the island… Continue reading

Video: Welcome to Fontevraud

Originally posted on Engaging Places:
This Friday’s break features Welcome to Fontevraud, a 2:25 video interpreting an arts and cultural center housed in a medieval abbey in western France.  How would artists interpret your site?